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Five Development Directions of PP Modification Technology

May 04, 2018


With the emergence of personalized and intelligent new home appliance products, the application of PP in home appliances has also been put forward with higher requirements. The PP modification technology will be developed around the following aspects.

1. green

Poly-Relon green materials are spray-free PP modified, easy to clean modified PP. Non-spraying PP material with different display colors, through direct injection molding, can achieve black and bright, metal, flicker, extinction, natural texture and other effects, compared with the traditional spray material, spray-free PP material can solve the complex process, finished product Low rates, solvent contamination and other issues. The easy-to-clean modified PP material is modified by super-hydrophobic surface to make the product easy to clean.


Juexal safety materials meet the requirements of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) for long-term unattended use of modified PP materials. The IEC 60335 standard requires that the glow-wire at 750°C contact the test material or article within 30 seconds without burning or burning time ≤ 5 seconds (ie GWIT ≥ 750°C) and CTI ≥ 250V.


Polysilicon lightweight PP materials have high continuous length glass fiber reinforced PP materials and modified PP materials that meet the requirements of micro foaming. Long glass fiber reinforced materials have good dimensional stability, excellent overall mechanical properties, less creep and excellent fatigue resistance. The micro-foamed PP material refers to a polypropylene material as a matrix, and under the effect of gas internal pressure by an injection molding process, the intermediate layer of the product has a closed micropore with a size ranging from ten to several tens of micrometers, and both sides have a dense epidermis structure; In order to achieve the purpose of saving materials and weight. Due to the low stress of the micro-foamed material, the injection molding is smoother, more straight, and the size is more stable. At the same time, due to the supporting effect of the micro-holes, the sink marks of the parts can be effectively solved.


Poly-Sai Long Health Series PP material has anti-bacterial PP, anti-staining PP, low-odor modified PP and so on.


Poly-Relon functional materials are easy to paint modified PP. The easy-to-paint modified PP material is directly modified by blending, introducing polar functional groups to form co-crystals with the polypropylene resin, avoiding precipitation, and avoiding the formation of a weak interface layer, thereby enhancing the surface tension as a whole.