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Drilling and milling machine is a universal milling machine

May 02, 2017

Drilling and milling machine in the newly developed products have a model of Q7 aluminum strip base, to be processed in the above two X 3.7 x 1.65 flat blind hole, because the fine

The utility model has the advantages of high requirement and quantity, and therefore, the utility model can not be processed on the drilling machine with the traditional drilling mode

Low, and the device also has a lot of loss and power consumption. The processing of the workpiece has a very broad representation, the production of many products have similar needs

To this end, we plan to make a device for the processing of such products universal milling machine.

Some of the control PLC, and with the man-machine interface to modify the parameters of the program, the establishment of, and the operation of the flash screen, programmable man-machine interface. Three axis

Digital AC servo system, the axis servo motor through the coupling process of the femoral artery with ball screw, linear guide rail is equipped with worktable and spindle milling head

, its positioning accuracy, fast. The spindle head is controlled by the inverter, in accordance with the tool and workpiece and feed speed, to set a reasonable speed spindle, and set

Set up and suppress the program. Each shaft is provided with a two terminal limit sensor and an original sensor, and the cooling and the lubrication are also checked

Flash alarm message. In order to facilitate debugging and maintenance, the operation of the manual function of the orientation, such as the manual speed of the shaft, spindle speed change, cold

Lubrication switch. For all the machinery of the semi closed loop control, just select the general plan and reasonable operation, accuracy and invariance can still be satisfied