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Development trend of milling machine

May 02, 2017

The development of heavy-duty machine tools will present two major trends. On the one hand is the technology in the machining center or large flexible processing unit, large composite processing machine for the development direction of the horizontal boring and milling machine will gradually by the high-speed machining center and flexible machining unit replaced; floor type boring and milling machine with the development of large composite machining center, consisting of two or more host combinations a composite processing machine, in order to adapt to the small batch production, large parts of the processing process is complex and the characteristics of auxiliary time and long processing cycle, often by a machine tool is difficult to complete all the processes, and by two sets of combined machining center can achieve. Such as: Longmen two CNC boring and milling machine composite machining center, and shared a bed and guide rail, respectively with a rectangular table and a rotary table (indexing), can be boring and milling; a floor type boring and milling machine and CNC single column vertical lathe consists of large composite processing center, sharing the rail bed with a landing platform and a rotary table, can complete car, boring, milling, drilling and other processing, rotary table indexing can be. There are two large floor milling boring lathe bed and other common combination of various forms. In this way, the occupation area is saved, the cost is reduced, and the processing efficiency is improved. Another trend is the pursuit of precision manufacturing, equipment manufacturing process to improve the content, reflecting the safety of machine tools, environmental protection and human characteristics.

In summary, the horizontal boring and milling machine and floor type boring and milling machine technology development is very fast, mainly reflected in the design concept and update the machine running speed and the level of the manufacturing process is greatly improved, on the other hand is the machine structure changes, the application of new technology emerge in an endless stream. The structure of horizontal boring and milling machine is developed to the direction of high speed electric spindle, floor type boring and milling machine to ram type (no boring axis) direction of structure development, function of the accessory was high and the multi axis structure, diversified development trend, it will be a new trend for future technology development period.