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CNC milling machine spindle position according to how to classify?

May 02, 2017

The spindle of CNC milling machine is a hollow shaft, the front end of the conical hole, and the handle matched in its interior and the rear end is provided with an automatic tool clamping mechanism for clamping tool.

The main shaft in the structure to ensure good cooling lubrication, especially in high speed situation, usually using a circulating lubrication system. For the electric spindle, often with a temperature control system, and the main surface of the groove structure, to ensure cooling.

CNC milling machine spindle position can be divided into the following categories:

Vertical CNC milling machine: Vertical CNC milling machine spindle axis perpendicular to the horizontal plane, CNC milling machine spindle axis perpendicular to the horizontal plane, is a common form of CNC milling machine, a wide range of applications. From the perspective of the number of coordinate control system of NC machine tool, the 2 axis NC milling is still the majority; can be 3 axis machining, but also has 3 arbitrary coordinate in two axis machining machine tool parts only (often called the 2.5 axis machining). In addition, the machine tool spindle can be around X, Y, Z axis of one or two axes to do the numerical control of the angular motion of the 4 coordinates and the 5 coordinate CNC milling.

Two, Longmen CNC milling machine; CNC milling machine spindle can be in Longmen on the Longmen side of the vertical and horizontal movement of the track, the Longmen frame along the bed to do vertical motion. Large CNC milling machine, in order to take into account the expansion of travel, to reduce the area of technical problems, such as the use of Longmen mobile.

Three, horizontal CNC milling machine; horizontal CNC milling machine with the same horizontal milling machine, the spindle axis parallel to the horizontal plane, mainly for the processing of box parts. In order to expand the scope of processing and expansion of the function, the horizontal CNC milling machine is usually used to increase the CNC rotary table or universal CNC turntable to achieve 4, 5 coordinate machining. In this way, not only the continuous rotary contour on the side surface of the workpiece can be processed, but also the utility model can be used to change the position of the machine through a rotary table in a single installation".

Four, vertical and horizontal CNC milling machine. The main direction of the vertical horizontal CNC milling machine can be replaced, can be achieved in a single machine can carry out vertical machining can be carried out, horizontal machining, the two types of machine function and the use of wider range, more complete function, select the processing object more room, bring a lot of convenience to the user.

Vertical and horizontal CNC milling machine by manual or automatic two ways to replace the spindle direction. Some of the vertical horizontal CNC milling machine with universal CNC spindle spindle head can be arbitrary direction conversion, so that it can produce a different angle with the horizontal surface of the workpiece, an NC rotary table can also be in this type of milling machine, in order to achieve the "five parts".