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Chlorophyll meter and ecological agriculture development

Dec 14, 2018

Chlorophyll detector is a professional instrument for detecting the relative content of chlorophyll in plants. Its main purpose is to understand the green degree of plants and help us understand the lack of soil nitrogen fertilizer. Therefore, on the surface, chlorophyll detectors and ecological agriculture development do not exist. What is the inevitable relationship, but if we understand the current major types of agricultural pollution, then basically we can determine the application of chlorophyll analyzer to detect the true nitrogen demand of plants, for the development of modern ecological agriculture. Words have a very important meaning.

Chlorophyll meter 

Among the agricultural pollution, one of the most important pollutions is chemical fertilizer pollution. Due to unreasonable fertilization, there are health problems in the soil, resulting in the deterioration of soil yield and output quality, and in these fertilizer elements. The application rate and frequency of nitrogen fertilizer are very high. Therefore, the nitrogen fertilizer has the most serious pollution to the soil and water source, which not only affects the soil quality, but also pollutes the agricultural environment. Therefore, the application of reasonable nitrogen fertilizer for modern ecology Agricultural development is becoming more and more important, and the chlorophyll detector, as a special instrument for understanding the true nitrogen demand of plants, not only allows us to know the lack of plant nitrogen, but also helps us understand whether the soil is excessively applied. Nitrogen fertilizer, so it can effectively improve the utilization rate of nitrogen fertilizer and protect the environment and promote the development of ecological agriculture.

At present, the development of fine agriculture and ecological agriculture complement each other. The use of plant physiological instruments such as chlorophyll detectors to understand the true nutrient and water demand of crops is not only conducive to the realization of fine agriculture, but also achieves the goal of saving costs and increasing efficiency. At the same time of ecological environment, improve the yield and quality of crops, create a good ecological environment for modern agriculture, and promote the sustainable development of agriculture.

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