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China's drilling and milling industry also occupies the leading position in the international market

May 02, 2017

In recent years, the world's average annual consumption of drilling and milling machines rose nearly 10% (in U.S. dollars). The size of the international milling machine has doubled in 20 years

On. Among them, the main growth momentum from Asia, in 2011 put into operation 3/5 of all international milling into the region. With China's economic development

The continuous development of the demand, milling domestic consumption will continue to grow. It is expected that in 2013 China's milling machine consumption will reach $38 billion.

2013 Investment in large infrastructure will boost China's economic growth, especially for high-speed rail, urban rail transit, airports and networks

Network expansion investment. With the acceleration of the modernization of China's industrial infrastructure, the increasing demand for modern manufacturing technology. Therefore, the Chinese milling machine

Purchases will continue to rise in 2013 and is expected to increase by nearly 12% in order to reach $38 billion 100 million. In addition, under the national macroeconomic regulation and control of the overall economic planning

In 2014, China's market for milling machine market will grow 14.2% to RMB 389 billion yuan. This strong growth will strengthen the world's largest consumer