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Accuracy of milling machine bed

May 02, 2017

The repair of the lathe bed is mainly to restore the geometric precision of the guide rail. The repair of the bed rail must be carried out in the spindle

Heart as a benchmark, the repair method can be used for scraping the flat drag (rail wear is) or repair (guide rail grinding

There are serious wear and tear or scratch, so that when the work is too heavy scraping. The rail bed should be repaired before spindle taper,

The front and middle bearings are well protected to prevent sundries and chips from entering.

The method of repairing the bed rail is as follows:

Method 1: scraping method to repair the bed rail

(1) scrape the guide rail surface with flat plate, and restore the straightness and parallelism to the requirements

6~8 point /25mm325mm.

(2) measuring the vertical friction of the guide rail to the principal axis of the rotating center. Error, should meet the requirements, and then fine scraping to

All technical requirements.

(3) with 55 degrees special-purpose flat scale drag scraping dovetail guide rail surface to research all the requirements. Note that the two guide surfaces


Method two: the guide rail to repair the bed rail:

(1) the straightness tolerance of guide rail is (1000: 0.02) mm (only concave).

(2) to guide face verticality spindle turning center difference (300: 0.015) mm (only the spindle back

Center down).

(3) the tolerance difference between the guide rails is 0.02mm (full length).

(4) the surface roughness of the guide rail is Ra1.6 mu m.