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Jan 22, 2018

TPE is environmentally friendly and non-toxic, with high elasticity of rubber, so widely used in outdoor sports equipment, such as bicycle handlebar, Rally, finger pressure board, diving frog feet, goggles and so on. Careful customers are concerned about TPE material is resistant to radiation (radiation) or anti-aging problems.



1. aging is inevitable natural law

    Aging is a common process in nature. The most common thing around us is the process of life from      birth, growth    and aging, which is the most typical aging process. So, whether it is plastic, elastomer or metal and other           

    materials, are inevitably gradually "old"!


2.the specific performance of thermoplastic elastomer material aging

     From the macroscopic performance decline, to a certain extent, can be analyzed from the microscopic point of    


     Lost luster, which is the phenomenon of aging products surface;

    Yellowing, which means that the chemical bond within the polymer fracture or change the pigment;

     Fade, indicating pigment discoloration or loss

    The surface of the product powder, to prove that the polymer has been severely aged

    Mechanical properties of the product changes, such as brittle, easily broken, brittle, damaged, said the inner    

    polymer molecules have been broken.


3. why the thermoplastic elastomer material will age


 a. Macro analysis

Because of the combined effect of environmental factors such as heat, oxygen, water, light, microorganism and chemical medium during the process of the polymer, the chemical composition and structure will change a lot and the physical properties will change accordingly Bad, such as hard hair, sticky, brittle, discoloration, loss of strength, these changes and phenomena are called aging.

b.microscopic analysis

Polymer under the action of heat or light will form excited state molecules, when the energy is high enough, the molecular chain will be broken to form free radicals, free radicals can form a chain reaction within the polymer, continue to trigger degradation, may also be Cause cross-linking.

If there is oxygen or ozone in the environment, it also induces a series of oxidation reactions, forming hydroperoxides (ROOHs), and further decomposing to carbonyl groups.

If the polymer in the presence of residual catalyst metal ions, or processing, use of metal ions such as copper, iron, manganese, cobalt, etc., will accelerate the oxidative degradation of the polymer reaction.


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