Soil Moisture Meter

This Soil moisture meter can quickly measure soil and porous media volume water content and temperature. This soil moisture tester is widely used in agriculture, forestry, soil moisture monitoring system, standard fertile land project, intelligent irrigation control project, soil moisture satellite remote sensing monitoring system and seedling monitoring system, soil moisture real-time monitoring system, geological exploration, plant cultivation and other fields.

Product Details

Soil moisture meter



 ◇The machine is small in size and adopts the design concept of hand-held style, which is easy to operate and reliable.

 ◇ Tracking records throughout the whole process, recording time is long, data collection and recording are integrated, and the historical data automatic storage protection function after power failure.

 ◇ Less power consumption, can be powered by a power adapter or battery.

 ◇The software is powerful and easy to view data: The data in the speedometer can be exported to the computer at any time, and can be stored as an EXCEL form file to generate a data curve for further analysis by other analysis software, which is convenient for research and inspection.

 ◇ Large screen Chinese LCD display, real-time display of soil temperature values, group number, low voltage warning, easy to field operations.

 ◇ Large screen Chinese LCD display, real-time display of moisture value, group number, low voltage alarm, easy to field work.

 ◇ A variety of soil formulas can be set to facilitate a variety of soil testing.

Scope of application:

Soil temperature and humidity rapid measurement is widely used in agriculture, forestry, geological exploration, plant cultivation and other fields.


Technical parameters:

Power supply: battery powered
Display: LCD screen
Cable length: 1.5 meters (can be customized )
Record interval: 1 minute to 24 hours adjustable
Storage data:> 100,000
Data export: USB interface

Attachment: FDS-100 soil moisture probe technical parameters:

Moisture content test range: 0 ~ 100%

Measurement accuracy: ±3%

Test settling time: 2 seconds

Working environment temperature: -40 ° C ~ 85 ° C

Cylinder housing inner diameter: 42mm outer diameter: 55mm height: 111mm

Stainless steel probe length: 55mm diameter: 3mm

Cable length: standard 1.5 meters (can be customized according to customer needs)

Gross weight: about 4kG


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