Digital Display Soil Moisture Meter

This Soil moisture meter can quickly measure soil and porous media volume water content and temperature. This soil moisture tester is widely used in agriculture, forestry, soil moisture monitoring system, standard fertile land project, intelligent irrigation control project, soil moisture satellite remote sensing monitoring system and seedling monitoring system, soil moisture real-time monitoring system, geological exploration, plant cultivation and other fields.

Product Details


1.Large LCD display ,touch key  ,smart and portable ,easy to operate.

2.One-button switch,can record both manually and automatically.

3.Can connect with computer to upload,process,backup datum.

4.Both AC and DC available.

5.With powerful  data storage function,can store up to 120000 groups of datum.

6.Datum saved in machine won't lose when power off.

7.Computer software has powerful data processing functions.

8.Probes have the uniformity,different probes can be connected  to any of the sensor interface.

9.With 64 channels,test at the same time,probes are unlimited in the range of capacity.

10.Can choose testing parameters by yourself according to needs.sampling interval time of each sensor can be set separately.

Technical parameters:

Hand-held meter technical parameter:

Record capacity:   120000 groups

Record time interval:   5 s-24hr continuously adjustable.

Sensor technical parameters

Soil moisture technical parameters

Moisture unit :  % (m3/m3)

Measuring moisture range :  0-100%

Response time: ≤2s

Relative error:  ≤3%

Soil moisture probe working temperature:  -40°C—80°C

Standard cable length: 1.5m(made according to customer needs, up to 20m )

Net weight: 1kg

Soil temperature technical parameters:

Temperature unit: °C

Measuring range: -20-100°C

Accuracy: ±0.5°C

Standard cable length: 1.5m(made according to customer needs, up to 20m )



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