Seeds Moisture Meter

Seeds Moisture Meter
Product Details

Brief introduction:

This Seeds Moisture meter is used to measure the moisture content of various grain seeds. Portable electronic moisture meter, which can measure the moisture content of 14 kinds of cereals, adopts microcomputer information processing, automatically measures sample weight, calculates water value, and now has users in many countries around the world.

Technical parameters:

1. Measuring principle:Measuring principle

2. Measuring objects: 14 kinds of cereals

3. Measuring range: 1-40%

4. Samples capacity:240ml

5. Operating temperature range:0-40℃

6. Accuracy:(Moisture)The standard error of the drying method is 0.5% or less(Moisture less than 20% of all samples)

7. Correction function:(weight)by Built-in electronic balance

                    (temperature)by Thermistor

(Displacement correction)Deviation correction  -9.9to +9.9%

8. Other function:average (AVE), Power off automatically

9. Display: LCD

10. Power supply: 1.5V battery (4 pieces 5#Dry battery)

11. power consumption:240mw

12. Dimension and weight:125*205*215mm 1.3Kg

13. Accessory:Hopper,Automatic hopper,Automatic hopper base,cup,brush