Portable Leaf Area Meter

The LAM Series Leaf Area Meter can test the leaves area without damage .Easy to operate. Can test many kinds of data, such as leaf area, average area, length of leaf, width of leaf, thickness of leaf, perimeter and ratio of length and width.

Product Details

Brief Introduction:

 LAM series leaf area meter is a kind of portable instrument that can be used conveniently in the field. Leaf area and related parameters can be measured accurately, quickly and without damage, as well as area measurement of picked plant leaves and other flaky objects. Widely used in agriculture, meteorology, forestry and other departments.



1) Host, probe integrated design, more convenient operation.

2) the use of microcomputer technology, LCD large LCD display.

3) high-performance rechargeable lithium battery, no external power supply, low voltage display, more suitable for field     measurements.

4) one-time measurement of larger leaf area (1000 * 155mm2)

5) Can store 200 sets of data (leaf area, leaf length, leaf width).

6) Can measure a variety of leaf blade parameters: leaf area, average leaf area, leaf length, leaf width.

7) Communication Interface: RSR232 interface, the data can be imported into the computer. (This function is limited to     B and G type)

8) GPS positioning: integrated high-speed GPS positioning module, upload data comes with time, latitude and                 longitude information, convenient and more effective

    Data processing. (This function is only G type)

Technical Parameters:

(1) Area Unit: cm2

(2) Resolution: 0.01cm2

(3) Measurement error: <5%

(4) Width Range: 0 ~ 150mm

(5) Length range: 0 ~ 1000mm

(6) Data record: 2500 groups

(7) Power: 4 5 batteries