China Leaf Area Meter

LAM series leaf area meter is a kind of portable instrument that can be used conveniently in the field. Leaf area and related parameters can be measured accurately, quickly and without damage, as well as area measurement of picked plant leaves and other flaky objects. Widely used in agriculture, meteorology, forestry and other departments.

Product Details

Model and function difference´╝Ü

LAM-A Leaf area Meter

Without a computer interface, data can be stored and viewed on the host computer

LAM-B Leaf area Meter

A computer interface, in addition to storing data on the host, you can also transfer data to the computer, the software can print, into EXCEL format

LAM-G Leaf area Meter

A computer interface, and increase GPS positioning module, while measuring the time, address, etc. can be synchronized

leaf meter.pngparameter.png

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