Micro Sprinkler Hydraulic Performance Testing System

This Micro sprinkler hydraulic performance testing system is used for micro sprinkler hydraulic performance test. The test includes: hydrostatic pressure test in ambient temperature, flow consistency test, relationship between flow and pressure, durability test.

Product Details

Available standards:

GB/T18687-2002、 SL/T67.3-94 


1、The micro sprinkler test machine basically use stainless steel and other anti rust materials for mechanical structure. It’s has such characteristic, like high corrosion  resistance and long service life.;

2、The sprinkler system test machine Electrical control system is mainly composed in two parts, PLC S7-200  PLC and human-machine interface system (HMI) made of upper computer designed by Wincc6.2 picture configuration software.

3、pressure control unit using high precision pressure transmitter and 10 fast PWM pulse width modulation mode with characteristics such as rapid, accurate  and stable.

4、Communications using two ways, asynchronous serial communication and synchronization in parallel communication with characteristics such as high speed, reliable, and data   throughput.

5、Modular designs by Siemens programmable controller.  System function upgrade expansion is very convenient. Truly benefit from one investment.

6、flow measurement unit uses weighing sensor which special in electronic scales and weighing module to ensure reliable performance of electrical, high precision, accurate measuring synchronization, small temperature drift, convenient measurement and calibration.

7、Compression system contains centrifugal pump and frequency conversion controller. With centrifugal pump import from Germany and frequency  conversion technique, the system is stable and reliable performance. Flow test water after two-stage filter to ensure clean