Emitting Pipe(fillet) Pull Out Resistance Tester

Drip irrigation pipe(belt) pull out resistance testing machine mainly used for drawing performance testing among the emitting pipe (fillet), intervascular water dropper and nozzle with PE fittings. This pull out resistance tester applies to Scientific research, teaching, industrial and mining enterprises, laboratories and quality supervision department, research institute,etc.

Product Details

Available Standards:


Selection guide:

1. No high temperature drawing test and environment temperature drawing test for drip irrigation belt, only high temperature drawing test is for drip belt.

2. 3 station or 6station can be selected for test station.

3. The 3 station tester is Reduce configuration type mainly for Single wing labyrinth drip irrigation belt. This mode has no temperature control system, and load standard is 130 N/station.

The pull out resistance test machine standard model is 6 station, which includes temperature control system and four kinds of specifications of drip irrigation pipe(belt) and water dropper between pipes fixture, water dropper on the pipe fixture for you to choose.

Technical parameters:

Temperature control range Room temperature~ 55℃

Resolution ratio 0.1℃

Temperature gradient < ±2℃

Measurement Range 0 ~ 100min

Accurate timing ±1s

Room for tension devices > 400mm

Station 6

Maximum load 500N

Smallest unit of increasing 0.1N

Power supply 380V 50Hz 15A

Water dropper on the pipe fixture for you to choose  


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